Fresh start

For a lot of us, back to school season is almost better than the new year.

Even before my daughter attended school, September settles us all into a routine. After months of picnics and humid nights, it’s nice to actually pull together a warm meal. Nothing against cheese plates and hummus but, sometimes, it’s nice to use a fork.

Just like my Packer sweatshirt, this space has collected a fair amount of dust and needs to be re-washed or maybe just shaken out to find its fit once again.

And like you, yoga is one of many aspects that bring me to life. Food, family, friends, reading, writing, running also fill up my proverbial cup. This space can reflect those wide interests centering around the idea of mindfulness and intention-setting, don’t you think?

Let’s start somewhere. Let’s start with today.


  • Home with my son who has a terrible croupy cough. Dan (husband) is upstairs most likely enjoying a mid-day nap himself and I’m leaving the living room as it is. Firetrucks on the couch, rumpled blankets and all.

  • On my last cup of coffee for the day.

  • Procrastinating my yoga practice.

  • Flipping the script and understand Self-Doubt is Good.

  • Simplifying meal planning. Let me go on for a moment here. I have found a lot of meal planning ideas, tips, hacks, sites helpful. Some are a bit over the top with actual preparation, some are not healthy and others are not accessible to my family. I plan to share some practical, real-world tips because honestly, I think meal planning can simply be cooking meat, hard-boiling eggs and maybe cooking rice and quinoa on a Sunday afternoon and calling it good. Until cohesive thoughts are formed, here’s what my family will be enjoying this week:

  • Looking forward to enjoying pizza on the farm on Wednesday!

Happy Monday!

Lindsay Atkinson