Hi all! I'm so happy you found this space.

I'm really not sure where to begin and although it feels natural to provide you with a long introduction explaining how I found yoga, why I love yoga, why I started to teach yoga but, that sounds a bit long-winded.  To keep it short (medium-winded?), here's how I came to the mat and why I love this practice.  

Unless there's photographic evidence, I do not have a good memory. My husband will recall a date we went on over a decade ago and I'll look at him with a blank stare and nod my head. That said, my first yoga class is a fairly vivid memory.

I was a freshman (or sophomore? See, no photo, no idea) at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire and attended an evening class at the YMCA. During that class, the yoga teacher lit candles and her kids practiced in the back of the room. After class, I rolled up my mat, felt the yoga buzz (although I couldn't identify that at the time) and thought "I'd love to do this when I'm a mom." This being practice and teach. The seed was planted although the roots didn't start to take hold until years later. I was a consistently inconsistent yoga practitioner and my practice took a fairly long time to develop.

Let's revisit that later journey another day and go back to that yoga buzz.

That's the reason I love coming back to my mat. I'll have a little "ah-ha!" such as "Triangle works your side! Oh, grounding down with the outer edge of your foot grounds and strengthens! Do I wander through 99% of my life with my shoulders toward my ears? Does everyone adjust their tank top during Warrior 2?" 

These little buzz-worthy moments are where it's at. Tank top anxiety and all. 

To gather information about ourselves, our bodies, our habits, our weaknesses and strengths is a beautiful, and let's be honest, tough thing. It's tough to be aware, get real and dig in. Isn't that where magic is made? When we can roll out our mat whether we are tired, anxious, flying high or feeling low and leave feeling connected to our breath, to something. Beautiful! 

I'm looking forward to rolling out my mat, sharing stories and connecting with all of you about our yoga - on and off the mat.